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The Portal to Bieldor

by S.J. Adams

Book Review by Riley Nielsen Grade 5

The Portal to Bieldor follows the adventures of Peter and Timmy.

After a faulty experiment in the school science lab Peter and Timmy get sent to their principal’s office were they find themselves in a cave that is inhabited by a strange humanoid creature and tells them that the prophecy says they must defeat an evil tyrant who is trying to take over the throne of Bieldor.

When I first picked up the book I thought it would be like the other books I have read but after reading I learnt to not judge a book by it’s cover because it was great.

My Favourite character was Timmy. In the real world he was nerdy but as the adventures in Bieldor go on his character grows and he becomes a strong hero. In Bieldor his need to wear glasses disappears. I liked him because he turns from a scared and nerdy schoolboy into a courageous and friendly warrior.

In the real world Peter is a soccer lover and is a friend of Timmy’s. The effect that Bieldor has on Peter is immense, he has no need for his glasses, he gets stronger and he gets much faster.

I really loved this book because of the interesting characters and the strange places. The book doesn’t have illustrations but S.J. Adams’s use of imagery makes there no need for them.

I would recommend this book to anyone that likes the fantasy genre of books and who wants a good read.

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